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How to draw Anime

Free Online courses with Step by step tutorials 

How the app works?

Inspired by Denji from the Chainsaw Man anime series, observe my artwork. Just download the app and give it a try for yourself.

How to use How to Draw Anime app?

Step 1: Choosing a Character

Open the mobile app and browse through the character gallery.

Select a character you'd like to draw.

The app will show a basic outline and structure of the character. Observe this before starting.

Step 2: Drawing the Basic Structure

Start by lightly sketching the basic shapes on paper. This includes a circle for the head and simple lines for the body.

Use the app to reference proportions and angles.

Don’t press too hard with your pencil; these are guide lines that you'll erase later.

Step 3: Sketching

On your paper, refine the circle into the shape of the character's face.

Refer to the app to draw the torso and limbs.

Start with simple geometric shapes.

Pay attention to the pose and posture of the character.

STep 4: Finalizing the Outline

Compare your drawing with the character in the app.

Make any necessary adjustments to refine your character.

Congratulations! You've completed your anime character drawing. Remember, practice is key in mastering the art of drawing. Use the app to explore and draw more characters to improve your skills!

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